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“A leader is who knows the way goes the way and shows the way”

In corporate sector when we talk about a leader, people often confuse it with a boss. Business owners and even laymen need to understand the difference between a leader and a boss and moreover which skills make this difference should also be understood. On a broad note, a good leader takes responsibility of failures as well and always motivates his hired hands whereas boss acts bossy always, as we all know, aren’t we?? A boss manages his employees, while a leader inspires them to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection and the personality which can be best explained with all these qualities of a true leader is Aman Mehndiratta. He is very much amiable with the fact that “Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.” He tries to incarnate his actions and attitude the way it needs to be a great leader. Aman is a renowned entrepreneur and a philanthropist, running many startups as well as other firms. A number of employees are working under him and he has proved his string leadership skills over them. Consistent progress in his pursuits is the real spectator for the same. Stating a brief about what it takes to be such an ideal leader for him, we can begin with some points based on his actual strengths.

Aman Mehndiratta clearly sees his vision, shares it with his employees, and inspires them to support that vision. His ability to lead also entails how well he motivates his employees in order to get the desired business results. He understands the value of patience to work with a team. He tries to be calm and cool under stress or pressure because they can play villain in the process of decision making. Most importantly, he ensures that his staff has a good and friendly atmosphere to work in. He believes that people work for people, the more he will do well for them, the more they will do hard work for him. His prior work experience has helped him a lot in developing these relevant skills. Aman Mehndiratta has previously worked as an Assistant Manager in Live Tech Connect. There he had to manage a team of around 60 members. From there, he learned a lot about positive leadership. Learned how to deal with the grievances of employees and motivated them to continue doing better anyway. Because of a close interaction with the employees in past, he knows how to tackle with their problems and encourage them to improve the output. Aman has all the required knowledge for controlling and running the operations of usiness. He understands the value of prior planning. He knows what, when and how should a plan be made and incorporated. The leader is a decision maker and he is the one who has responsibility of both, success and failure of the company. With great responsibility comes a great challenge. And the one who knows the trick of dealing with challenges patiently becomes a great leader. Aman has proved himself a great leader and decision maker. He can be taken as a boon for the future of business and corporate sector.

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