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Philanthropy is nothing but love for mankind. One thing that should be noted is that philanthropy focuses on getting rid of the agony caused by social issues. It is often confused with charity but charity provides temporary relief from the suffering as opposed to philanthropy. Thus, philanthropy helps in eliminating the societal issues. Philanthropy is followed for hundreds of years. Many great business people have followed the steps of philanthropy and helped in improvising the societal conditions. Aman Mehndiratta has also followed the path shown by the great entrepreneurs. He too is working for the welfare of the general public. Aman clearly understands the difference between charity and philanthropy. He is putting in the maximum share of his time and efforts into the philanthropic deeds. He is working for the benefit of the society and is helping in its development process. He is trying to uproot the causes of the suffering instead of providing temporary relief which charity does. Philanthropists have an opportunity to initiate discussions in which the society is not much comfortable or is ignorant towards some particular issues. Aman is continuously engaged in activities which will in anyway help the society in its development. He is contributing both his cash and efforts. Every individual understands that there is a lot that has to be done for the improvement of the society. A lot of efforts are required from the side of each and every individual to make this world a better place. Aman is all the time engaged in philanthropy. Not only this, Aman also motivates and guides the people around him to follow the path of philanthropy. In this way, Aman is trying to return the society what all he has taken from it. Along with philanthropy, Aman Mehndiratta is also playing the role of investor and entrepreneur. With his investment plans and leadership skills, he has helped a lot of tech projects achieve great heights. Aman is giving his best in all of the roles he performs.