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Aman Mehndiratta as an investor has committed his capital with the expectations of financial returns. He utilizes his money in order to grow it. There are a lot of investment options available like bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, foreign exchange, stocks, retirement plans, real estate, gold, and silver. Aman, with his planning and analyzing skills, has opted for the most suitable type of investment and continues to work on it. Typically, the technical and fundamental analysis is done to determine the best type of investment for oneself. Aman, since childhood, had an inclination towards technology. He admired how technology helps in lessening our workload. It has always been for our benefit and it continues to provide benefits to us. The innovation of technology has helped in the development of the nations and it adds to the GDP of the country. Looking at the advantages of technology, Aman Mehndiratta decided to help the technical startups. Our country has a lot of smart minds but there are not many resources available to give a boost to many smart people and this becomes a major drawback in the development of our country. And so, Aman Mehndiratta decided to give a push to the development process of our nation by helping technical startups. He has, until now, helped various projects achieve great heights and he continues to do so. Aman Mehndiratta has his goals set. He is very clear about what he wants to achieve and how he will do it. He has his plans ready to face uncertainty. He has all the required knowledge of the market he is dealing in. Thorough knowledge about the market enables Aman to analyze his investments plans and do the required changes. An investor should learn to accept and own his mistakes. Aman makes sure that he does not repeat the same mistake again. The finest quality of an investor is his patience level. Aman is always patient enough to give his actions enough time to show positive results. With all such qualities, Aman Mehndiratta has proved himself as the best investor in town. He can be trusted for the future of a startup.

Aman Mehndiratta