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Aman Mehndiratta is an entrepreneur, an investor, and a philanthropist. He is actively engaged in activities that will somehow help in the development of the society. He wants to make our society a better place to live in for the existing and coming generation. In some way, he is trying to return the environment what all he has taken from it. Aman, since childhood, fascinated all the technical things. He loved how technology is making our lives easier. His inclination towards technology gave him an objective for his future. He understood there are many ideas in the mind of the society that can grow big if they had proper resources. Many time people give up their plans much earlier due to lack of proper funds. Aman thought of helping such plans. He decided to invest in such projects. Aman has his goal set. He very well understands how important it is to plan in advance before taking any step. Planning helps to prevent confusion and get the work done timely. Even when any mistake is made, Aman learns from it and takes every step to make it not happen again in future. He follows all the latest trends and makes decisions accordingly. He is patient enough to let the results show and then take the next step. The risk is inevitable in any business. He understands this very well and is neutral for both negative and positive results. Till now, Aman Mehndiratta had invested in many tech projects and with his help, they have reached great heights. Due to his past experiences in Live Tech Connect, he knows how to deal with the grievances of employees and motivate them to deliver their best results. He always motivates, guides, and leads his team. With his mission in mind, he is able to stay focused and take steps towards it. Philanthropy, in simple terms, can be characterized as the admiration for mankind. One thing that ought to be noted is that philanthropy is not same as the charity. Charity focuses on getting rid of the pain caused by social issues. On the other hand, philanthropy intends to get rid of the issue itself. The charity gives temporary help while philanthropy can give permanent alleviation from the social issues. Philanthropic activities are many years old. Numerous business people participate in philanthropy to do their best for the general public. So also, Aman Mehndiratta puts stock in it too. He is working for the advantage of the mankind. Philanthropy is more than charity. Aman is putting in a lot of resources for the improvement of the general public. He isn't attempting to give brief help yet he is attempting to evacuate the reasons for the social issues. Taking part in charity enables the giver to help or start the activities that are disagreeable or questionable. Aman, with his methods of insight, is constantly occupied with social exercises. Alongside the cash, Aman is additionally giving his opportunity in the advancement of the general public. Everyone understands the amount of efforts that must be put in to improve the society general public lives in. Indeed, even a little advancement by one individual can make the life of other individuals a lot better. Aman is persistently occupied with every single such action and not just this; he energizes other individuals around him to do likewise. Inspiration can assist individuals in performing better. What's more, being a business visionary and a humanitarian Aman dependably endeavors to control every one of the general population around him to help them somehow or to rouse them to participate in philanthropy. Little advances can really turn into a gigantic commitment and one might not even notice that. Aman, by participating in nobility, is attempting to give back the general public what he has taken from it.

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